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The Next Step in Futility

For anyone who got a laugh and a tear out of my last post on Jacob, we’re onto the next step.  After all of that, the barium enema and xrays showed nothing wrong.  It’s confusing how they can see that as a good thing.  Maybe because they aren’t the ones sitting several times a day holding him while he cried out in pain, or wiping him when his rear end is bleeding.  I don’t really see anything good about all of this happening to a three year old, myself.  Jake has had blood in his stools since October. It has gone from once every 10 days to now consistently twice a day (Every time he poops). He’s in a lot of pain because of it, and has already been tested for allergies, Celiac Disease, Iritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, internal hemorrhoids, hernias…  Often, when he’s hurting the most he asks, ever so sweetly through the tears, for us to take him to the hospital so they can make it better.   It’s agonizing.

We took the next step yesterday and had an appointment with a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist.  Jacob and I left at 6:45am to be there by 7:30, but I have to say it was worth it to be able to go without the other two munchkins to spar with. The kids are up by 6am every morning anyway.  Huh, and people think homeschoolers get to sleep in all of the time…

 Being one of the first appointments of the morning made the wait pretty quick.  And Dr H was all happy and chipper.  He was clearly good with children.  He had the most atrocious zoo tie on.  Jacob adored it and now wants me to make him a tie to go with his play doctor dress-up set. Dr H. asked all of his questions and seemed pretty unconcerned.  He examined Jake and ordered a colonoscopy.  Ugh…the things you hear adults saying about colonoscopies, and they’ll be doing it to this little bitty guy. 

 He kept mentioning that it was most likely just a polyp (sp?), but then said that wouldn’t cause the constant pain (and screaming, trauma, anguish…).  I highly doubt that is it.  But I have no idea what it could be. For some reason the suggestion of it kept annoying me.  Was he listening?  Did he understand how much pain my son is in at night?  Maybe I’ll send him a video of it…take pictures of the blood for proof that it’s more than ‘just a little streak here and there’….. Too much?  Yeah, I guess that’s a little dramatic of me.  It was just a bit disheartening when he wrote out the order for the colonoscopy and said to come back in three months.  Three months?  and in the meantime, what do you suggest?  You’re kidding, right?
Anyway, here’s to hoping that he’s right.  That it’s a little thing, like a polyp,  that can be fixed easily while the poor guy is under anesthesia already with scopes up his A…  Just whatever it takes for it to be done, and not three months from now.



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