From the beginning when the first female breath was taken, maternal instinct was a part of our being. For thousands of years women have been united, working together around cooking fires and meeting at the well to hang out.  They spent time together in red tents sharing wisdom and their hearts. Young women were in awe of the older, and sucked in their wisdom like a sponges holding it for future use in their own experiences.   Women were made to hold each other together, fight side by side and nurture the maternal instinct in every female soul.

Now believe it or not, I proudly  call myself a feminist in the true sense.  Feminism is about respect and the value of the female being.  I believe women have a right to be heard.  I believe that we have wisdom and insight that men cannot begin to fathom without us.  But I don’t believe we have to lose our femininity and the call to nurture, just to succeed in a man’s world.  By changing ourselves to be like men, we are missing the point of creating a world that respects and values the working woman as well as the stay at home mom.  I believe that feminism should be about women being respected and valued for the way we were created.  I absolutely know that a single woman who never intends to bear children is still blessed with a maternal instinct that can be used to encourage and nurture in a business setting.  That is just as valuable  to this world as my role with my children.  I have no problem saying that in physical terms we are the weaker sex.  We are! Get over it!  But we have in spirit and emotional strength something that men just weren’t created with.  For all of their mechanical capabilities, they can’t invent anything that compares to the soul and being of a woman.  Our hearts are our strength and they’ve been beaten down with not believing we are good enough, strong enough, manager enough or mom enough.   It’s time to revisit our source of strength.

Unfortunately over the last few generations much of what women in community together is has been entirely destroyed.  Feminism has been misunderstood to mean that we have to choose between home and career.  So now working moms and stay at home moms are pitted against each other in constant comparison with each other, each secretly feeling that they are missing out on something the other camp has.    Instead of searching for wisdom from mothers who have already been-there-done-that,  we find our mothering philosophies in search engines, from parenting books written by men (many without children even),  and, sadly, from Nanny 911.

So,  here you are at Momstinct.  The purpose of which is to share hearts and knowledge in the old fashion way.  To bring us back to the common ground in the center.  To regain our inner voice of maternal instinct that is buried under all of the extreme advice and parenting philosophies that have been thrown on us from the moment we saw two lines on a pregnancy test.  We can’t replace they years lost without holding each other up.  But we can start right now, today, and move in the right direction.

Welcome to Momstinct.

So, what’s the point you say?

My intention is to let this site grow naturally.  Are you surprised?  I will start out just blogging anything that I feel touches on my instincts as a mother, and also information that other mommas can use.  It is a multifaceted thing and I’m just figuring it out myself.  Click on any of the ‘Categories’ to see what I’ve got there, or check out some of the links that I’ve shared.  Feel free to comment on anything.  I love comments!  I love open respectful discussions.  If you have something to add to my topic, COMMENT!

I will be periodically asking other mothers to submit ‘articles’ to momstinct.com when I find information that can help us all.  So, add me to your blogroll, your RSS, email the link around… let’s grow our ‘Momstinct’ together!


Oh, one last disclaimer.  My typing is atrocious and mildly dyslexic(did I spell that right?).  Often it happens while cuddling a little one on my lap (all three are enthralled with the sounds of me batting at the keys on my laptop).  Please forgive my typos and FEEL FREE to email me if I need to correct something 🙂