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Husband Hijack and Daughter Stalled-Contest to Come

I’ve failed you all!  I didn’t post the contest last night for two reasons.

1. My dear loving husband did our taxes and submitted them yesterday. YAY!!! Sadly, we have only one laptop and it was commandeered for the grunt work the entire evening well into the night.


2. My usually wonderful and mature 9 year old went to bed early for the day’s behavior and I had promised her she c0uld help with the post and the photos because she was instrumental in making the prize set. So I agreed to wait for her.  Sounds confusing, I know.  These kids NEED their sleep.

As you can see. It’s serious…

Please bear with me. The post WILL be out late tonight. I have to honor my promise to the mini-perfectionist, who does not seem to think it is “ready” to be revealed. And she’s the designer.

Before midnight at least….  Look for it by tomorrow morning. Today is full of schooling. 😉


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Kids Woot!!

I love for a good deal. I stalk it and always love when something fits our needs, at a good price.

I’m even more excited about the version for kids. I’ve gotten some great gifts there in the past.  Shipping is always $5.  It’s legit. It’s usually a good deal.  Why wouldn’t you add clicking on to your daily to-do list? Right?

Today’s Kids Woot is a great bundle of 3 Melissa and Doug wooden toy sets, for $24.99. Go check it out!

Kids Woot!

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Gotta love the Grocery Score!

Going to the grocery store will all three bambinos can be a daunting task.  I say that with all humility, fully aware that 3 kids is actually not a lot.  Still, it’s my a lot for now. 

I did most of my grocery shopping last week on payday, but Kroger has grapes for $.99 a pound.  I’m a sucker for grapes ( I ate 38 lbs of grapes when I was pregnant with Selah!)  yet I refuse to buy them when they are more than $1.19.  So, happy momma waltzed in with the whole tribe in tow, just for grapes.  To my delight the first thing I saw in the door was peaches on sale for $.99 a pound, too!  Oh happy day.  Selah was ecstatic!  Wait, it gets better.

The organic/health food section is right there next to the produce and a treasure chest (cart) overflowing with orange stickered items was right there in plain view just begging me to take a peek.  Did you know that Travis is actually embarrassed to look through those carts?  Is that normal?  I, personally was thrilled.  In the cart I found organic pasta, instant oatmeal, fruit leather, apple sauce, Cocoa Vive bars, sandwich cookies and Rice Cereal (great for making More rice milk).

So here’s a photo of my score. 

Kroger Store Score

  • 120 Fruit Leathers
  • 40 servings or instant oatmeal
  • 5 Cocoavia bars
  • 2 jars apple blueberry sauce
  • 8 boxes organic angel hair pasta
  • 2 boxes of sandwich cookies (saved me from making something for Selah’s tea party with a friend today)
  • 4lbs rice farina for rice milk  (should make about 5 gallons)
  • 5 1/2 lbs of grapes
  • 4 1/2 lbs of peaches (the children absconded with them before the photo)

everything was organic except the Cocoavia and the fruit. 


 (total value estimate, $120.00)

I spent only about 20 minutes in the store total, including checking out and the obligatory trip to the bathroom with the kids.  They won’t leave a store without seeing the restroom.  So, in less than 1/2 an hour I made  $85.36 on didn’t buy one food that wouldn’t be used.  OK, so we didn’t need the Cocoavia bars, but it was the ones with almonds!!  I’m content with that being taken out of my Mom Wage.  🙂

Yep,  I’m a proud  clearance cart scavenger. 


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FREE Child’s Tableware set from Mott’s

PBS KIDS Sprout is pleased to partner with Mott’s for Tots® and KidsHealth to bring you Sprout Smart. Below is a brief survey for busy families like yours. Your answers are important to us, so as a thank you gift we’ll send your family a FREE child’s tableware set — with bowl and lid, juice cup, fork, and spoon — from Sprout and Mott’s for Tots!

Limit one per household, please. While supplies last.

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Some Friday Freebies

Here are a few freebies I thought I’d share.  I stick to the more healthy stuff.  Hope someone can use them.


 Free Ecover Laundry Detergent Sample (bottom right hand side of the page)

Fiber One Sample has several samples listed today 

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Free Sample- Quaker Oats Simple Harvest

I’m a steel cut oats kinda girl, but I’ve heard this is really good. Just thought I would share the link to a free sample 🙂

Free Quaker Oats Simple Harvest Sample

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Free Flat Earth Chips

Yummmyyyy Click the link to print a  coupon for a free full size bag of Flat Earth chips.  These are very healthy and kids love them!  Give em a try.


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