A Whirlwind Wednesday, because wordless isn’t my style…

Oh, how time has been crunched lately!  Here are a few photos of enjoying life and family in the last week…

If this doesn’t make you tired, I don’t know what will!!

Last day of schoolwork before Winter Break!!! We’re all ready for it.

  Volunteering at Bethlehem Walk

Getting to be Uncle Stephan’s apprentice rocked someone’s little world!
Little show stealer.
Facepainting and hanging out with the Edgewood kids at Advent
Early Christmas present! Adopting our sweet Reepicheep.

Third Advent candle! He's getting closer!!!

Wholesome Home
Finally found time for a tree!
When called Eden, the youngest has started responding, “No! I Irie!” She’s got serious opinions on her, that one!
Symphony Street Orchestra Field Trip
Getting some musical culture.
God loves us and gives us sunny days in December!

This little taste tester, Farah, wanted more chocolate. So did her Mom.

Gathering pecans. I find myself wanting to sing "If I Had a Hammer"

I caught this one at the end of the driveway, trying to sell them to people driving by.



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