#9 Thankful For The Stampede-Revisiting the Song Of The Zebra

I’m thankful for the stampede of children that daily tramples my nerves.  And I don’t mean that as a metaphor as much as the literal sound they make galloping up and down the hallway every. single. day.   Their love for one another and joy in being together is worth every irritating moment of it.  Because wild horses couldn’t drive me away from these children.

My daughter has an incredible talent that not many people aren’t aware of.  It started five years ago with her obsession over zebras.   Her ability at the age of four to mimic the sound of a zebra was so uncanny that I had to blog about it (HERE).   After that point her talent expanded to include an eerily realistic gallop that she developed going up and down our hallway 50+ times a day.  Her dedication to perfecting it was impressive.   As time went on she enjoyed the honor of schooling her three younger siblings in her technique and precision and I know am the proud mother of four phenomenal gallopers.  And this week it’s been even more prevalent on my daily irritation radar, bringing me lots of opportunity to practice patience.

Why?  Because this week is daylight savings  and we join with millions of parents in the USA, experiencing the dreaded morning adjustment.  This means that my husband and I are waking to the stampede at 5am instead of 6.  Repeatedly they charge up and down the hallway, through the center of our home and right outside our bedroom door.  It’s quite the honor. Really it is.

In keeping my perspective, I am processing the daily charge down the hallway with lots of contemplation on patience and loving my children where they are at.   Enjoying their love for each other and enjoyment of family companionship.

It reminded today of the blog post written so long ago along the same lines, back when it all started with a sweet little four year old.

A four year old and her Song Of The Zebra.


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