Consistency Is The Thing- The story of my blog

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to bring back my blog, but I am determined that it will be the time I will be successful.  You see back, oh…. we’ll say about 2 kids and 40 lbs ago…  my blog was a great part of my daily life and I loved it.  Not only was it a healthy outlet it was a great compromise for temporarily giving up my dream of being a published writer.  I was writing regularly and getting 1000-1500 hits a week, which was plenty for me to feel happy!
Life changed a bit and time was crunched between more babies and being a work-from-home-mom.  At some point around when I became pregnant with #4 I decided that joining Facebook had to be the way to go. I could still have an outlet but for shorter spurts… these things called “status updates” and it wouldn’t take as much of my time as the blog. Brilliant, right?
Not so much, and that’s for many reasons.  So here I am back to where I started.   I’m going to get back to writing.  I’m still going to have my rule of not editing much so please don’t pick on me for it.  If I tell myself I have to edit, I’ll never find the time to actually write. That’s my compromise. I’m ok with it.
My goal is to be consistent.  So I’m working on a lineup of blogposts that will come out weekly in advance, in case I get busy.  I’m up to almost 20, including “The Top ELEVEN Things I Learned In 2011“.

So, next week I will be running a contest, and I’m still trying to decide what the prize will be. I love prizes! There are so many things I’d love to give away!!   Be ready! In the meantime, be sure that you’ve liked me on Facebook and you are ready to tell your friends!

Now, back to the fray of mothering…





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