#8 Is It Possible That I’m Thankful for Food Allergies?

I am thankful for many ways that having a family with food allergies has changed my life.  It’s rough. It’s a daily battle.  I am so aware of what is nourishing and sustaining their bodies. I’ve learned so much and had numerous opportunities to support and encourage other mothers who are walking through the confusion.  I am blessed to know that God trusted me to care for the needs of these four amazing little people’s bellies.

Food allergies, sensitivities, reactions… whatever you want to call them they suck. They just do.  We went through 2 years of confusion and being written off by doctors before we were fully able to figure out what our children needed. Mostly for Jacob, but have learned that our other children are affected, too.  At one point, our doctor actually told us to try to ignore his rectal bleeding like a nosebleed.  Since they couldn’t figure it out, they wanted us to ignore it (Read here. And then there’s  here. Oh, and next ).    Those were all so long ago. Once the issue was settled on food allergies, how can I not be thankful to be able to change the pain and issues in my baby’s daily life?

But it’s ok to admit that it’s overwhelming. Exhausting.  It consumes my time and energy.  I can never relax when we are anywhere in public when food is present because my youngest two are still “grabbers”, not having an understanding of connection between the food and the pain.  Sometimes 2-3 goldfish is enough to have one of them sick for three days.  It’s frustrating and agonizing.

How can I complain?  There are children out there living with debilitating pain, life long  disabilities and fatal diseases.    Over the past two years I’ve watched a dear friend go through the pain and suffering of losing her sweet baby slowly to a disease most of us don’t even have a clue exists. (READ).  How, then, can I be so self-centered as to think this small inconvenience in my life is a trial?!?  I am thankful for the perspective that it allows me.  And I humbly bow my head for the mothers out there who’s strength will always awe me as they walk in humility serving the needs of a child who suffers. They deserve our respect and prayers. Me?  I’m just fine.  There are REAL hero-moms out there…



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2 responses to “#8 Is It Possible That I’m Thankful for Food Allergies?

  1. Rochelle

    Great post I love reading your stories. I feel the same way and I am thankful everyday that Magnus is healthy he is allergic to dye which is in everything but we have learned to read labels and such not and to watch him like a hawk when in public. I am thankful every day for such an amazing son. I had a woman on the airplane who had two children and both of them were missing feet and had partial hands made me realize truly how lucky I am to have a healthy son.

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