#7- When The Walls Are Closing In

I am thankful for the smallness of my house.  We are always together. I always hear my children and know what they are about.  As much as that can be an irritation, it can be a blessing and a joy when I chose to embrace it.  

We have been living in construction for all of our children’s lives.   It takes our free time, our free money and our free energy. It limits and affects everything, it seems.  At times, it’s frustrating. Never did I expect that we would still have all four kids in one room at this point. But really, we couldn’t do this any other way.  I’m so proud of my husband for how hard he works for us. I’m constantly amazed at his ability to build, his know-how and his determination to keep doing this THE RIGHT WAY.
The close quarters gets difficult at times and I find myself overwhelmed and desperate for space. But, really, the more I think about it I know that my children are growing so close because of it. We all are.  Because we are on top of each other we’ve learned to share and be together in a way that other families are able to escape.  I can’t regret that, ever.


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