A Compliment For The History Books

This weekend I went shopping. Yes, that is actually noteworthy. The reason being that I’m not a shopping kinda girl. I hate spending money unless it’s a killer deal. That’s the way you have to be with a family of 6. But I wait for this one all year. It’s the Old Navy Friends and Family Weekend. My standard is to raid every clearance rack for the entire family and see what I can stock up on for the next few seasons. I also make sure to buy 2 pairs of jeans for each of my older kids. Where else can I find skinny style slim jeans WITH an elastic waistband to stay on the beanpoll? They inherited their father’s flat butt and not my bubble. Irie has the bubble, and all my sass…bless her heart… Anyway, this weekend was the sale so I went to two different Old Navy stores on Saturday and then went back on Sunday to return a few things and exchange sizes.

I typically don’t buy anything for me unless it is super clearance. But there was this swingy green and black shirt that was originally $25 on sale for $14.99. with my 30% discount it made it $10. So I grabbed it on Saturday without trying it on. I felt guilt the whole way home. I didn’t NEED it, really. Although I don’t have many nice presentable clothes, I do have clothes.
Anyway…. When I got the shirt on I felt like it was worth $100.  It was a great cut for me (which I knew it would be) and I just felt awesome in it!!!!    So today when I went back to make some returns I was drawn like Lindsay Lohan to a bottle when I noticed that they had the same shirt in black and while.  Aren’t we having a huge family photo taken at the end of this month?  Aren’t we all supposed to wear black and white?  Still, I had to struggle through my typical guilt cycle to get myself to spend another $10 on me.

And that’s where he found me.  As the man at the register was working through my enormous pile of exchanged and returns I was talking. Babbling through the shirt decision, not sure whether I was telling anyone or just talking to myself out loud.  The girls were with me and had everyone in line behind me grinning at their cute antics, so I didn’t think anyone was listening.  Selah was having a great conversation with the good looking boy mannequin and his dog behind us. Old Navy didn’t know what they were getting into, putting those in the store!  Holding the shirt up I looked at it and said, “You know what? I felt amazing in this. Nothing has looked this good on me in forever and I’m buying it!”

That’s when it happened.  “Excuse me.” said the man me behind me.  We had been talking a bit while waiting.  Everyone knew it was a big day and the lines were long.  He was a total gentleman with a Tyler Perry flare. Just saying… he was NOT flirting with me.

“Excuse me. You are a woman. And you’re the kind of woman who is all woman. The confidence and joy in your smile and your eyes are what make a woman beautiful. Any man who is a real mind will see THAT in you.  Anything beyond that about your size and shape just doesn’t matter for a woman like you.”

((THUD)) ——-That’s the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. It was one of those rare moments when a stranger says something amazing to you. Not to flirt. Not to get anything, but just to share a real compliment.  And it felt that way.  I immediately said “Thank you. That may be one of the best compliments I’ve ever had!”

And I bought the shirt. Of course.

You may wonder why I bothered to write this all out.  I actually went and wrote up what he said in my blackberry as soon as I got in the car so as not to forget.  Surely this won’t be interesting to anyone but me.  I posted on facebook about it to be silly. My husband teased that I was flirting again. Right. That’s me.  A friend caught me saying a tall “dark man”… instead of black man.  I don’t know why I do that.   It was goofy to post it.  And yes, he was black, not “dark and sinister”.   Anyway, I’m writing it out because I don’t want to forget it. I’d love to be that kind of woman and I don’t want little insecurities affect who I am.    It made me smile, so maybe when I’m not so smiley about myself in the future I can come back and read it again.

And hey, my family has clothes for the winter!  There’s my ramble for the day.


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