5th – Fight Club- Married Style

 I’m thankful that I’m incapable of staying angry at my husband more than 24 hours. In 10.5 years of marriage I think I’ve only been successful a handful of times. I can’t even FAKE being mad at him much longer, to make my point. It’s useless. He’s my BFF and then some.

It absolutely amazes me how some married couples fight.  Years ago Travis and I signed up for a married couples course, just because we could.  Ha. Those were the days when we had time like that!  We both knew that it wasn’t going to be what we expected when  the first night all of the couples were asked to make a commitment not to say “I hate you.” to each other over the next few weeks.  We just looked at each other baffled.  Seriously?  People SAY that?  I thought that was just junk on TV, not real life.

Sure, we were newlyweds and you could have chalked it up to naivete.  We’ve now been married over 10 years, have 4 kids and been through a BUNCH of junk.  I still can not imagine ever saying those words to him. In fact, I can imagine it even less than I could with the newlywed glow.  How can you destroy someone like that?  I just don’t get the concept of saying things just to tear someone’s heart.  Now, I sure as heck speak my mind too often.  Never do I just lash out for lashing out’s sake. I don’t understand it and I’m thankful that we are both not that way.

Last night we got pretty angry at each other, and that rarely happens.  I’m not going to hash it out here.  I did want to make a point to him about how great we have it. So I tried staying mad. I couldn’t do it.  He was wrong. He knew it and I knew it.  It just wasn’t in me to hold it over his head, even if I think he needed a little dose of reality. And HE agreed that he needed a dose, so I’m not being bitchy here.  Luckily, he got the picture quickly without me holding out and we’re back to the love that amazes me in short order.  I love this man so much… He’s my lobster.


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