4th – Sleep, Sleep… I need Sleep!

I’m thankful for the little angles that come to me while I sleep. Sure it can seem inconvenient timing, and I may be groggy in the morning… but I know that they won’t be here much longer. It’s just a season. I will embrace it and hold them close. Time flies while I’m sleeping. But I admit the time has come to consider a king size bed. The queen barely fits just 2 of them cuddling with us.

One of the things that change forever when you become a mother….Sleep.  Irie didn’t start sleeping through the night until April. That’s right. Almost 2 1/2.  Actually, she still wakes up several nights a week to crawl into bed with us.  Like last night.  And like any other mom, I don’t sleep as well with her there.    She wasn’t alone last night either, because about an hour after she came in Jake was at my side whispering “Mama, can I cuddle with you to sleep?”    Thus I found myself  sandwiched between the two with my poor husband grumbling on the other side.   I guess I’m fighting a losing battle over keeping us to a queen size bed.  I didn’t sleep at all with them there. They each wanted my arms around them and I was literally stretched thin to accommodate their comfort.  As I lay there, uncomfortable, I just had to love it anyway.  To my left was this squishy little blond baby doll who is growing up so quickly. On my left is a mini-man, who was spouting square roots in his sleep as we lay there. No, I’m NOT kidding.  He did.

So, I’m tired and achy but it’s worth it. I loved last night and those sweet moments of discomfort as I tried to stretch enough to hold two angels close to my heart.  I wouldn’t take it back for all of the rest in the world…. (((YAWN)))……


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