Timesuckers Evaluated

So one of my items of “Homework” with my new life coach is to identify Timesuckers in my life.   We talked about it the first meeting and I KNOW that there are many.  Now, don’t start that “But you do so much!”  Really, I admit that I do a lot.  I waste a lot of time, too.

The problem with me is that I LIKE to do everything.  It’s not that I overcommit out of obligation. There are a few things like that, I’m sure. But ultimately I’m just a lover of life and enjoy experiencing things.  There are a few key things at play here.

Being homeschooled, I had the unique experience of teaching myself.  Maybe to an extreme that wasn’t even healthy.  From 12 years on my mother basically handed me a stack of books at the beginning of the school year and sent me on my way.  I think she checked my work every 8 weeks or so.  She was busy with my 6 younger siblings and just expected that I could handle it. It some ways I could. In others it was a VERY bad idea.  One fantastic trait that came from this, though, is my ability to teach myself anything I really want to learn.  I suppose I couldn’t tackle rocket science or microbiology, but I have a strong confidence that allows me to pick things up and say “Why not? I can do that myself!”    I really do believe that I can and I always enjoy it!
But the problem lies in my time.  Because, the sky is not the limit to me. It’s my clock and my calendar that limit what I can do, whether I want to or not. Whether it’s for me, my family or others, I always want to do, do, do.  But I can’t do it all, and I wear myself down by not wanting to miss anything. My body suffers and my family suffers.  I have to find margins of space and time in my life to be still.

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Watch this.

A Facebook friend posted it awhile back. It’s long. But it’s GOOD.  Her comment was “I dare you to watch this and not cry.”  I’ll be honest. I didn’t shed a tear. That makes it ok if you’re dry eyed, too. I promise.   But I felt it. It moved me.  And the timing was perfect.  I’m reevaluating everything that I do. All of the ways that I spend my time and what that means about my values and priorities.  What example I’m showing my children. What I’m doing to my marriage and my spirit.   I

I. Have. To. Stop.

I’ll post later about my first few Timesuckers, but I will tell you that one is Facebook. I’ve been slow to make the stand but I’m doing it today.  Less Facebook, More Bloggging. And there are many reasons for that. Many. I’ll share about that later. But for now if you want to know what is going on with the house, the kids, life in general with the Seibels.  Here is where you will find it. So like my facebook for Momstinct or subscribe to the blog in your blog reader. Or sit back and breath a sigh of relief that I won’t be clogging your FB newsfeed anymore. I know you’re thinking it….


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