My Birthy Girl

I know it's a bad photo. It's a webcam.

I know it's a bad photo. It's a webcam.

Yes, my 7 year old is more educated than many American women on birth. Don’t believe me? Here’s the story she just told me, while I was doing the dishes. )(I stopped and had her come repeat it so I could type it up).

So, in Selah’s words:

“Mom, look at this baby boy!  He’s my second son. (holds up doll). He was born at home, but in my hospital room. I have one at my house, so that I can be comfortable because my back hurts.  Sometimes when I have to bend down to pick up chickens for dinner, my spinal cord snaps and I have to sleep in my hospital room because it’s so painful.  But my doctor came to our house for the birth, because we chose to stay home instead of going to a hospital.  And she is VERY supportive.  I usually like to have my babies in the water, because it’s so calm and it’s very comfortable. And waterbirths don’t hurt your vagina as much.   But this time I started to feel the pushes when I was on the bed and I didn’t have time to get in the pool. And the baby came out and once his head popped out I chose to reach down and pull the baby up on my skin so then he can feel me and know that his momma is home.  We waited to cut the cord because the doctor was helping someone else first. And it’s good for my baby’s blood to be out of the cord first.  I wrapped him around in a red blanket. I nurse him right when I was done.   And then I invited all of my friends over to show them my new baby for his birthday.”

Think she listens much? Maybe?

Also, I’m aware that the big pic of my eyes is cheesy. I’m playing with the header and just threw something up there to try. It’s not staying, but it was better than a picture of my nose hairs, so…..


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