Being the Submissive Wife

Don’t be shocked.  It’s not what you think.

I love to write. I always have since the time when I was putting together magazines as a kid to ‘sell’ to my parents and any other homeschool mom who would look my way.  I’ve put it aside for a long time, thinking that it’s just not in the cards for me, like the little girl who wants to be a dancer but in fact is pretty darn clumsy.
My husband, on the other hand keeps telling me that he loves it when I blog.  He likes reading it, he likes how it affects me when I’m writing (Dear Lord that sounds dodgy!)  and he’s encouraging me to blog more. Since I do it all of the time in my head I’ve decided to just do it when I can instead of thinking that I HAVE to be able to dedicate time every day for it to be worth it.  So aren’t I the good little Stepford type after all? Who knew!

I started a separate Facebook page so that all of my friends don’t have to hear about it when I write if they don’t want to. But if you DO want to point and laugh, or let your jaw drop to the floor in shock at the nerve I have to write what I do (and let me tell you. I’ve got nerve…)  Either subscribe to the emails on this page, or become a fan of Momstinct on Facebook.

Because, you know. I needed something else to do…

Really though, I’ve talked about it for years.  Let’s see what happens.


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