Don’t Call Your Father a Fairy!!

Gosh my dad thought he was so clever saying that whenever someone lost a tooth in our house!  Now, we are talking about a man who wore pink button-down dress shirts in the middle all through the 80’s and 90’s when it wasn’t quite as now.   He claimed that any man with 10 kids was man enough to pull off pink. And he did it pretty well. Often.

Selah lost her 3rd tooth last weekend.   We don’t say anything about a fairy, really. Never had to.  The first tooth she lost I just told her to put it under her pillow without explanation.  Our intention was to just do the dollar thing and let her think whatever, without comment from us.  The next morning she was amazed at the transformation of her tooth.

She simply believes that a tooth, when properly positioned under the ‘losers’ pillow, and when said ‘loser’ completes a FULL nights sleep without incident…such a tooth somehow turns into a dollar. Not is traded for, taken by some mystical being… but in actuality is completely transformed to American currency.  Ahhhh-mazing, isn’t it?

She stopped asking about the mechanics of the ‘change’ when I explained that Yes, adults do in fact know how it happens but from the moment we tell a child it will never ‘happen’ for that child again. Then she started asking how old she will be when she loses her last tooth so she can ask again. I told her 38 years old…

So, on Sunday morning I was up at 4am watching, re-watching this online tutorial and folding a poor tortured $1 bill into a beautiful little heart to really wow her this time. I mean, she worked HARD on this tooth. It was lose for 10 months. Yes, 10.   It took me about 30 minutes and I was back in bed at 5.  Just in time to rest for 30 minutes before the young one woke to nurse. Again.

Unfortunately, daughter was COMPLETELY unimpressed by the gorgeous fold. She didn’t even acknowledge it and when I asked her if she noticed anything special about her dollar all she could say was that it was crumpled and folded up a lot to fit in her silver ‘tooth’ box. Next time, I’m going back to sleep.


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