Food, Glorious Food!

You know, I’ve gone through waves of healthy eating and cooking over the years, always trying to get to an all natural, organic route but it’s REALLY hard. Organic food is expensive. We do a lot of it if I can get it at the farmer’s market but I’d say we were eating about 30% organic.

My biggest challenge was getting my husband interested, something that I’ve been trying to do for almost 9 years now. Well, I finally found the right tool to bring him over to the ‘green’ side.  It’s a sweet little documentary called Food, Inc. that we got from netflix two weeks ago and watched three times.  We finally have a believer!  It’s not that I can’t just choose to cook all healthy and organic anyway. I AM the one doing all of the shopping and cooking. But it’s hard when you aren’t in agreement. This type of eating is not cheap, and it requires some creativity that basically means less meat to make it affordable for a growing family of 6. I have a constant battle raging in my head over my three priorities for grocery shopping.

CHEAP- I can use and save mad amounts of money on food. I KNOW we can be eating really cheaply. But we have food sensitivities and it’s all processed crap.

DIET- I’m a big girl.  Fluffy, you could say. My husband is pretty hefty, too. So in the back of my mind I’m always thinking “I’m supposed to do low fat and low sugar, I can’t get THAT!”

HEALTHY- I don’t want pesticides, hormones, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs…  My daughters don’t need boobs and mood swings when they’re 9 (or 7 as it seems…),  my boys don’t need their sperm shrunken and debilitated and I’d prefer that none of us get cancer from carcinogenic foods, thankyouverymuch!

So every item I put in my cart I’m always struggling with balancing these three. I do really, really well. I go home and stock the fridge. I cook all my healthy food for 3-4 days. Then I totally bomb and beg my poor bewildered man to take us all to Chickfila or La Parilla because I can’t handle the pressure of cooking another meal from scratch that HAS to balance all of the above priorities perfectly. I cave. We go eat Crap. Begin cycle again.

Thankfully, I feel like the movie did re-motivate me to plan better and take our food intake more seriously.  It’s overwhelming after awhile, especially with the food allergies. But this is what I’ve got to deal with.  All three priorities on my list are important but I’ve got to stop getting overwhelmed by them, the main one being ‘cheap’. I get so afraid to spend the $$ on good food to have on hand, then we have nothing in the fridge and eat out. Which in turn is spending $$ that we could invested in goal #3 much more effectively.

Enter new resolve to make menu plans, cook healthy, exercise but don’t worry about weight, and ultimately trust that God can motivate the Kroger employees to mark down exactly what I need in the health food section. It’s could work, right?


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