I promise I’m not Crazy…Well maybe a little.

So, I’m just going to have to start a recipe blog.  I don’t have a choice, really. You all keep wanting my recipes and my tricks, tips and techniques so I’m doing this to save myself time, not use more.  I’ll be a much better friend this way because I can post the recipes or tips all in one place so I don’t feel like a moron at 5 in the morning a week from now when I remember that Trisha wanted my Protein Ball recipe, Paige has a question about lentils, Anna wants to make a tu-tu, Angela wants to know whats in my laundry detergent and Becky is gonna cry if she can’t be another batch of ‘Allergy Free Brownies’ ASAP….. Do you see why I need to get it all in one place? Yeah…  You’ll like me more and I’ll sleep better.

So I asked for suggestions on what to call the new little spot on the interwebs and heres a poll of my faves. Keep in mind that I’m going to have any type of ‘how-to’ that I need to share with someone. Most will be kitchen-esque but there may be gardening, sewing, crafting, recycling, cleaning…ok, well not much cleaning but I can ask someone and get back to you.

So take your pick or suggest something even more awesome!!!  Get your friends to vote, I don’t care. just help me out here!  And leave a reply if you want. I could use a smile today 🙂




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2 responses to “I promise I’m not Crazy…Well maybe a little.

  1. I like Make this and Eat it and Talitha’s Table, but going by your “requirements” thought the other was closer to your topic.

    Have fun deciding! 🙂

  2. I like What Talitha Makes. Simple and to the point, and covers all areas; voted after the UP choice was added. Like the name but if you look for descriptive, WTM is still best, in my opinion.
    Rock on!

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