Everybody To the Limit…

That’s how I feel.  The other day I had to scoff at something that read ‘The sky’s the limit!” Ha!! The sky has nothing to do with it! It’s my calendarand the clock that have me hedged in to these measly 24 hours a day, completely incapable of doing all that I dream of doing. But that’s Ok. I love the challenge of figuring out how to fit it all in.

So, in the shifting of priorities, I’ve abandoned my poor little blog here in the interest of sanity. yet I know that banging away at the keyboard a few times a week would really be one of my favorite things. It always has been.  I may not be the wittiest of writers, but at one point people were reading my blog so it had to somewhat entertaining even if it was just for everyone to count my typos. 

I’m not a bumper  sticker kind of gal anymore.  used to have them all over my 74 VW bug, but it doesn’t really look so hot on the minivan. Oh well. I do have one Homestar Runner sticker, though, that reads ‘Everybody to the Limit!” from a Strongbad email.  Because, seriously. I’m a mom finding my limit, and sometimes the closer I get to my limit I have to let some frustration out. When it comes down to it, fhqwhgads is a pretty safe choice.

I’ve gotta tell ya, I blog in my head all day long. You know, that used be a sign of some sort of disorder when you talked to yourself that much. No one in my head has answered back so I still consider myself on the safe side of sanity. I think of these great things all day long that I want to remember or share with someone. It never happens.

So, I’m going to bring back the blog, baby.  See if anyone else can make some sense out of my mumbo-jumbo life. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes. If I’m lucky, maybe I can, too, and use them to inspire others when it’s all said and done.


That’s it for tonight. Step one. Done.


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