Like a Rock

So, I wake up to Travis huffing around this morning.  Apparently the little guy had to pee and made quite a mess all over the floor, which is very uncommon. In fact, I can’t really think of any time he’s missed the pot before.  He’s been potty trained for over 2 years now. 

“Jacob, what happened?” I hear Travis asking a bit huffily as I’m searching for my robe to go lug my big ol self in there to help.  I can’t blame him.  Who wants to clean up pee first thing in the morning? The sacrifices of parenting on a lovely Saturday.
“I had to be, Papi, but I didn’t do it very well.”  Travis coughs as he tries not to giggle at how cute and forlorn the statement is made.
“Well, you’ve got to make sure you hold it down, son.”
“I did.”  Little man still sits to pee. He’s kinda short, and well, mom doesn’t really want the mess of trying to teach him to stand yet.  Call me selfish. It keeps my bathroom clean. Well, not today, but anyway…
Travis goes on about how ne needs to be careful and he shouldn’t something….still annoyed.
So I walk in, finally having found the robe and waddled down the hall.
“Trav, you KNOW what happened, and it’s not really his fault. Did you ASK him?” I have no problem being direct and matter-of-fact with our kids about their body parts, but I think my dear husband avoids it a bit.
“I asked him what happened.” A little bit defensive, there.
I turned to Jacob and, because it really is no big deal, it just hasn’t come up before (no pun intended…)
“Jacob, was your penis standing up when you tried to pee?”
“Yeah Mom!” In his little voice of wonder. “It was like a MOUNTAIN!”
After explaining that next time he should try to wait until it’s normal again before he pees, I will walk around all day with that “Like a rock!” car commercial running through my head.  Kids are great.


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