Chinese Fire Drill

You’ve played it. I know you have.  Just when you least expect it someone is yelling for everyone to leap out of the van, run around in circles piling in all haphazard with no one ending up where they started out. That’s my life the last few months.  Changes, decisions, unexpectedness.  So in the upheaval, blogging went right out the window.  No space in my day for it.  Just not the top priority in life.  Things are falling back into place, and not many are in the same place they were 4 months ago.  But the changes are good. 

I keep getting emails asking me to write some more.  At the time that I quit I was getting around 200 views a day, so someone was reading me.  I’m thinking that I’ll start carving out some time again for it.  Not that I have much more than a minute right now. I’ve got 3 little munchkins asking for lunch and 4 loads of laundry to do.  Now if I could figure out how to upload the video to show you, I’d be doing really well.

Enough rambling. I’ll be back a bit later with something more interesting to share.




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