Do You Believe We Have The Right?

Got this from a friend. If you believe we should have a right to homeschool, please go and sign!  You don’t have to WANT to homeschool to believe that we have the right!

This is really outrageous. I feel for the homeschooling families in California. If you go to the HSLDA site you can sign the petition to depublish the recent case in California. This is all explained on the HSLDA site – spouses can sign separately.

Dear Fellow Homeschooler,

Many of you have already heard about the recent ruling in CA requiring all home school families to have a state teaching certificate in order to continue homeschooling. This virtually outlaws homeschooling in that state. It could also set a precedent for other states to follow if we do not act. Dr. Dobson addressed this issue in his daily broadcast yesterday. I have enclosed the link so you may listen as he talks with several experts on the repercussions of this case.

There is something we can do about this! We can sign a petition put out by HSLDA to stop this decision from becoming law in CA. You will be helping your fellow homeschoolers in CA and eventually all homeschoolers in America. To sign the petition simply go to the HSLDA website. The link to the petition is currently on their home page.

Please stand together with us to fight this terrible offense. Feel free to forward this email to all of your home school friends to get the word out and take action.


Audrey Britt
President, Home Front Educators


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One response to “Do You Believe We Have The Right?

  1. i live in California and this scares the hell out of me. the school systems here a entirely over packed, we have the highest student teacher ratio in America! I honestly believe this is going to take away the rights of parents. They are already lowering the budget in this state and getting rid of many programs and teachers. this is just going to be so much worse.

    i do not think our government has the right to tell me or anyone else where our kids will go to school. i myself have thought about homeschooling until 5th grade. i am not sure why they have come about this law. we will see where this goes and how long it lasts. i really don’t think that it will pass

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