The Diva Cup Virgin Diary of Melissa

So, while I’m doing my own journal, I really wanted to share a good friend of mine’s, too. Her experience is different so maybe you’ll get something out of it!  Used with her permission, of course!


After being 3 days late and even peeing on a stick, I started my period. (Kinda scary considering I have my tubes tied) Last month I ordered a Diva Cup and of course it arrived the day after my last period stopped. Initial impressions were good. It wasn’t too intimidating size wise and it is very flexible. Having had 3 vaginal births I got the size 2.

It lived in my bathroom cabinet until this morning. Initial insertion was pretty easy or so I thought. It slipped down and partially out so I had to try again. 2nd go I got it in much higher and am pretty sure it popped open. I forgot that I am angled to my left and adjusted insertion accordingly. It is somewhat pinchy so I think I will need to trim the stem a little bit the next time I take it out.

So that’s the start of my Diva Cup adventures. I’ll update accordingly. Next chapter… taking this thing out and emptying/cleaning it!


I was told what it would be like to empty the Dia Cup but it is one of those you have to see it to believe experiences. Actually seeing the product of one’s period in it’s liquid state is VERY different than seeing it absorbed onto a pad or tampon. The maker has even included handy measuring lines so you can see how heavy your flow is. 

I was successful in emptying it before we went to the park without looking like I commited Haryy Carry. Insertion went ok. No leaking while I was out and about, although I still wore a “just in case” pad.

After returning home I discovered that it was sitting too low for my liking. Removal went well again…glad I’m not squeamish……about blood anyway. Insertion was the easiest it has been. I made sure to hold the “u” shape more tightly than I had been so it wouldn’t pop open before I got it too far in. I actually had an audible “pop” this time. I knew it was open.  So far so good.

Next update will be about how it fares overnight!

Overnight was a success! I emptied it around 8:30pm, making sure I felt it pop open. Once again had a pad on just in case. My poor DH was a captive audience so I took the opportunity to tell him about it. He wants to know al these tmi things about my body, right? While talking to him I did realize that there is no odor while on my period. With tampons and pads there is usually an old blood smell that one can’t avoid, especially with pads. Since the blood is getting no air time, no odor. The diva cup is nonabsorbant so my vagina doesn’t get a dried out feeling like with tampons. On light flow days removing a tampon was akin to torture. I was comfortable all night. Never felt it. I got up at 5:15 am and emptied it into the toilet. This was the longest stretch of wearing it and it wasn’t even full. My pad only had a spot the size of a pencil eraser on it. I don’t think this was leakage as much as residual blood on the outer part of my vaginal opening from the last time I emptied it. Supposedly, an average entire cycle is only a few ounces. I am at an ounce and a half a day into my cycle. Gotta love those measuring lines. I am definitely happy knowing I can sleep in the buff all month long!

Today’s adventure……going to try new folds!  (Note that a Keeper is pictured, not the Diva Cup)

My adenture with the 7 fold was short lived. I achieved suction but it felt like it was sitting sideways. I dealt with that for a few hours before I had to readjust it.  Back to the trusty C fold. It seems to work for me.

As I go about my daily life with the Diva I am constantly reminded of a War song. Low……ri…..der……don’t use no gas now…. Either my vaginal canal is really short or I have a free spirited Diva Cup. When I get it in the stem is sitting right t my vaginal opening. Once I stand or move it migrates so that the stem and a lower portion of the cup are beyond my aginal opening and all exposed. I know it is on my cervix and it is suctioned on but to no avail it sticks out. Honestly, it’s a little annoying.

I emptied it last night and reinserted it where I thought it should be. The whole time I am finangling it in there DH is carrying on some conversation where I was expected to be an active participant. Apparently inserting the Diva while talking is beyond me. It felt comfy but I woke up to leaks on my pad. There was very little in the cup but I am nearing the end of my cycle.

So one more day to my adventures. While confident in it’s effectiveness I am pondering why it sits so low. And I leave you with this:

All my friends know the low rider
The low rider is a little higher
Low rider drives a little slower
Low rider is a real goer
Low rider knows every street yeah!
Low rider is the one to meet yeah!
Low rider don’t use no gas now
Low rider don’t drive to fast
Take a little trip
Take a little trip
Take a little trip and see
Take a little trip
Take a little trip
Take a little trip with me


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