It’s Official…

I’m a Diva wearer.  Oh, I know that was cruel.  I see there are are already 70 hits this morning, so for those of you who were checking back to see if I peed on a stick, I didn’t.  Aunt Flo came knocking at 5am.  I had quite the adventure getting that Diva Cup in for the first time.  But it’s in, and I don’t even feel it!  So much better than a tampon, seriously! 

Ok, I’m off to the park with the kiddos.  Be back later.  I’ve got some more grocery tips to share tonight after bedtime.


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One response to “It’s Official…

  1. sillyspring

    I had no idea what on earth that was…… now I know and it is BRILLIANT!!!! Long live science!!!!!!! Yahoooo!!!!! Thanks for blogging it- I would have never known it existed!

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