Waiting For Wednesday…

Waiting for Wednesday…My stomach doesn’t hurt enough, pain always is the sign….  I’m waiting for Wednesday…No proof of mine exists so I don’t have to take it back…

Lyrics from a Lisa Loebsong.  I always thought it was a funny song.  Talking about breaking up with your boyfriend but waiting to make sure you start your period first.  Ummm… that doesn’t sound like fun to me.  The main reason I listened to Lisa Loeb was because people thought we looked alike.  Maybe 40 pounds ago. She’s pretty cute. Actually looking at the photo on her site I’m thinking so a bit.  Anyway, totally not the point of my current ramblings.

I’m waiting to start my period.  Any minute now.  It’s Wednesday.  I got my Diva Cup in the mail early last week.  Is it wrong that I’m so excited about using something, cheaper, reusable and environmentally friendly for my ummm…you know.  The Diva Cup is an alternative to the same old nasty pads and tampons that we’ve all been using for years.  It creates less waste in the landfills, less environmental impact to produce and it’s just downright better for your body.    Tomorrow I’m going to post my first ‘article contribution’ from another author who has been journaling her first experience with the  Diva Cup to contribute to ‘Momstinct’.  Make sure you come back for that!

So, the other wrench in the plan.   I do research studies as often as I can, so last month I was so excited to be included in the perfect study.  My husband and I were going to get paid for sex! Nothing dodgy.  We were given a supply of condoms for a month and were to journal our ‘opinions and experience’.  Totally appropriate.  We’re married.  Best job I’ve ever had.  Free condoms for the month and $125! Now, the concern is that one other couple  got a little more than the $125.  Two lines on the pee strip, if you know what I mean.  They’re great parents and make gorgeous kiddos.   Number 5 sounds like it’s very welcome!  As for me, I was waiting for Wednesday… still waiting.

Wouldn’t be a bad thing.  We’re certain that our family needs a #4.  We’ll revisit the issue after than and see what God wants us to do. I don’t see myself having 10 like my mom, but who knows?  My sister is on 6 and clearly not done.

  I already have an OB lined up for my VBA3C (That’s a vaginal birth after 3 c-sections. YES IT IS TOTALLY DOABLE!  (Click that link right there.)  I just had the ‘intentions’ to lose some weight first.  I decided this morning that I’m going to rejoin Weight Watchers, but now I don’t want to start until, well… I start. Now that I think of it, last time I ‘decided to rejoin’ was the week we found out we were expecting with Lucas.  Obviously, I didn’t join…oh now that’s funny.  Hadn’t thought that one out yet.

And of course, I’m over focused, just for the fun of it.   Every time I go to the bathroom I think, “Am I peeing more than usual?” Always the first sign for me.  Wait, was that a cramp I just felt, or a little gas?  Silly,  I’m certain I will start tomorrow or Friday, my body holding out with it’s typical sense of irony.  And then I will be able to use my wonderful Diva Cup!!

For the moment, I just accidentally drank Margo’s tea instead of mine. Yikes, good thing I can’t get pregnant from drinking after her, right? She’s finding out tomorrow what her bun-in-the-oven is.  Wow.  The cheese factor of this post is off the charts.  I’m going to go give the whole brood a bath. In the meantime, tune in tomorrow to read!


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