I’m so ashamed…

I know this isn’t something I would normally laugh at, but the whole thing had me almost peeing my pants last night.  I seriously don’t usually go for crude humor, although, ot’s not that crude… just a bit shocking to hear ‘the word’ over and over.. 

It’s totally worth 10 minutes to watch all of these.  Make sure you pee first…
It started with Jimmy  Kimmel staging this long drawn out scheme on Matt Damon…

Which  spurred Jimmy’s girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, to do this… 
And then  Jimmy’s response (which I caught on TV the other night, never having seen his show before, causing me to find the rest on youtube, and almost pee a little more)
Ironically, I woke this morning with the ((clears throat))  Matt Damon song in my head.  Oh dear God, please don’t let me break out into song in the middle of the homeschool class.  I don’t want to be stoned, (or scar any of my sweet kids for life)!!



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4 responses to “I’m so ashamed…

  1. sillyspring

    AUUUUUUUGGGHH!!!! I tripped on it on you tube a while ago, too & absolutely died!!! Then I had to give my brain a shower- I totally know what you mean!!!

  2. Jen Carr

    Mmmmm…Matt Damon…now he could make my dinner! That was SO funny. Thanks for sharing. Love it.

  3. momstinct

    Oh man, Jen… You and your making dinner… I’m laughing 🙂

  4. MelissaG

    That’s hilarious!

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