Rice Milk

It is so easy to make Rice Milk, yet it’s ridiculously expensive to buy.  Because we avoid  dairy in our house and soy has some side effects that aren’t the safest, I’ve been making my own rice milk.  Here’s how I do it.

RICE MILK- one quart

  • 1 c. cooked brown rice (still hot is best)
  • 4 c. warm water
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 t canolla or coconut oil
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • sweetener ( I use agave nectar or honey)

I start with the  rice and just enough water to cover it in the blender.  It needs to blend for quite awhile to get it as pureed as possible, and as it thickens I will add water a few splashes as a time.  Let it stand for 5 minutes so that the silt and left over pieces can settle at the bottom before straining.  I’m sure it’s done better through cheesecloth, but I use a small strainer because that’s what I have.  I strain it into my pitcher, then reprocess the left over ‘silt’ a bit with a little more watter.  Add as much water as you would like to get the consistency you like.  One cup of rice makes one quart the way I like it 🙂

Chocolate Rice Milk add 1 tbs. powdered cocoa and make sure you use sweetener.  I add it half way through the blender time.  Yummm….makes a special treat once in awhile.

 Banana Rice Milk  add 1/2 a banana and no sweetener.


I keep it in a jug identical to this, but from Walmart for $4.98.  I couldn’t find it on their website, but this one from Target costs three times as much. Take a look and go get it from Walmart. 🙂


I buy organic short grain rice in a 25 pound bag for $19.99.  It lasts us about 6 months.  At only $.80 a pound, I can make rice milk for about $.20  per 1/2 gallon.  So,  if Rice milk costs about $8 per gallon, I make about $7.50 in the 20 minutes worth of work it takes (not including the stand time).  I usually just make it from left over rice after a meal so I’m not making more dishes, wasting energy and all that jazz… 

Go try it and come back to tell me what you think!

EDITED TO ADD: Below there is a comment from the owner of this blog.  I haven’t checked it out yet but thought it looks interesting.  While I’m not a gung-ho anti-dairyist..ahem… There is some truth to milk not being the healthiest for human consumption.  Check it out for yourself.




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8 responses to “Rice Milk

  1. Great recipe for rice milk. Many people think that organic milk is better for you than regular pasteurized milk, but all the research is showing the opposite. Organic milk is in fact considerably worse for health compared to regular milk. As you say, the best solution is to make your own milk at home. As explained on my website, you can make a whole variety of delicious and super-nutritious milks quickly and easily. Best of all, they are non-dairy.

  2. mmm…thanks for this recipe. We’ve been wanting to make our own. Can you use a food processor instead of blender you think?

  3. momstinct

    You know, I’m not sure. It’s worth a try. Let me (us) know if it works for you!

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  5. Good post! I’m gonna go and read some more.

  6. Preemiemom0703

    Wow – this was GREAT!! I used a little extra coconut oil because my son is too thin. It’s wonderful! I love how creamy it turned out – way better than store-bought.

  7. Hi. What a great idea. I just figured out I am spending $1000 a year on rice milk. URG! Where do you purchase your bag or rice from? Thanks so much!!!

  8. Tara Treaster

    We just used your recipe, to make our FIRST batch of rice milk. We love it and so does our 11 year old son. We did not use anything to sweeten it and our son thought it tasted like melted ice cream! (because of the Vanilla) It was very simple and we will continue to make this!
    Thank you for sharing you recipe!
    The Treaster Family

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