Da Junk…mail, that is…

Junk mail sucks.  Really.  It wastes trees, it wastes energy to produce and deliver. And it wastes my time to go get it from my mailbox.  I have to say, I hate days that I walk out to the mailbox to find nothing but junk in the…box…hmmm.  Last month there was a great article with tips to cut back the Junk in your  box. 


On the other hand, I’m a ‘Waste not to the max’ kinda gal, so I try to reuse as much as I can.  What I don’t use I recycle. Here are some reusing tips from an email I got.


I know that most people hate getting junk mail on a daily basis. But I love it. There are so many things that you can do with junk mail that you get. 

  •  Envelopes that come in junk mail. You can reuse these. Write your grocery list on the back of the envelope and put your coupons inside the envelope. So when you are at the grocery store you do not have to search for a coupon for 5 minutes in your coupon organizer.
  • Use the envelope to put all of your Christmas receipts in and mark the back of it Christmas Receipts.
  • If you are dropping a check off to someone who isn’t home put the check inside the envelope and tape it to their door.
  • Put a label over the address already printed and send out your bills or letters, this way you do not have to buy envelopes. 
  •  Colored paper that comes in junk mail. Shred all the colored paper that comes in the junk mail. Use this paper in gift bags instead of buying tissue paper. Use this paper for your children’s Easter baskets instead of buying the expensive grass. Use this paper when you are mailing something to take up extra space in the box so that your contents do not move around.
  • White paper that comes in junk mail. If there is nothing on the back of this paper: Let your kids use this paper for any drawings or art work that they do instead of wasting computer paper. Cut this paper into small squares and staple them in the corner, then use this paper as a scratch pad.
  • Believe it or not some junk mail is good. Yesterday we received a survey in the mail from a company that was wanting us to fill this 10 pages survey out and send it back to them. Enclosed was a brand new dollar bill. So be careful before you pitch your junk mail. If anyone else has any ideas for junk mail please post it. I am all about reusing stuff.



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One response to “Da Junk…mail, that is…

  1. threesneakybugs

    Saw your post on my tag surfer page. Like your ideas on reusing junk mail – especially the shredding of colored paper and using the back side for the kids to color on. The fake credit cards are fun for the kids to play store with and any flat magnets you get can be pasted to the back of little works of art or photographs. We often use junk mail as fire starter when the weather is nice enough to have a fire in our outdoor fireplace. I did a similar post on reducing junk mail: http://threesneakybugs.wordpress.com/2008/02/01/rid-the-world-of-junk-mail-telemarketers/

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