CNN HEALTH- 1 in 3 Women Will Have A Cesarean Birth

This is a short (3 minute) CNN video on the rising rate of c-sections and some tips to avoid them

 Now, I’m not one to give guilt trips to moms who had c-sections. Why?  I’ve had three.  Each time I went into it with the intention of having a natural birth because I know that is best for my body and my baby. The circumstances were not the norm that caused my c-sections.  The first was breach, the second was the result of injury from a car accident, the third camped out in there to 42 weeks and I gave in.  So, no judgement here.  But being educated is key in any decision.  We can’t trust the doctors to tell us everything.  Really that’s not their job.  If we chose to just let them do what they do, then we’re giving them the permission to make decisions for us. I prefer to know for myself.

EVERY WOMAN, no matter whether you are pregnant or not, should learn about what our bodies are made to do.  We deserve to be prepared and to see birth as what it is, and that is NOT a sickness or disease that HAS to be treated in a hospital.

If you can’t see “the Business of Being Born” somewhere near you, make sure you add it to your Netflix when it comes out.  Women deserve to choose.



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2 responses to “CNN HEALTH- 1 in 3 Women Will Have A Cesarean Birth

  1. Kelly

    I can’t wait to get my copy of “The Business of Being Born”. I watched the CNN story and was surprised at the honesty of the reporting. You don’t really hear that c-sections can be dangerous very often. When I was pregnant and attending a class that my doctor taught for moms-to-be I asked about the risks of a c-section (as he was promoting them as a good choice for most women). He stated that there weren’t any risks as long as you weren’t in a teaching hospital. What???? How’s that for misleading. Needless to say he didn’t delivery my child. I delivered her along side a midwife and a few other loved ones. I once read in Mothering that the state of Louisiana (where I currently live) has the highest rate of c-sections in the United States. Not surprising that every mom in my daughter’s playgroup had a “C” and most were scheduled in advance. I have rarely heard anyone say they scheduled a c-section by choice but that they “had” to have one. No doubt, some women need them, but not the almost 40% that end up with them. Something is wrong. I don’t blame doctors and the medical profession for all of it. Although the mindset of doctors is to treat pregnancy as an illness, the mindset of American’s is that surgery is no big deal. In a country where we go under the knife to have our breasts enlarged, our faces tightened, our tummies tucked and our noses changed why not have a doctor cut out our babies? Amen to women learning about our own bodies and what they were made to do!!!

  2. I agree with you. I had a c-section but only after attempting a natural, non-intervention birth. My son’s heart rate kept dropping with each contraction and we both nearly died. A c-section saved our lives, but I am planning on attempting a VBAC with baby #2 because, like you, I believe that it’s important. I’m very excited about this movie but I haven’t seen it yet. I’m hoping to rent it in a few weeks 🙂

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