Voting For Myself

 I love that we live in a country where we have the opportunity of choice.  While the candidate we vote for may not be the one who wins, we get the chance to make our mark and ultimately the voice of the majority does win out.   And if that’s not who I vote for I’m ok with that.  Because it’s about ‘We the People’ not just my personal opinions.

  Growing up in the church every election year was wrought with spiritual battle.  Because if whoever was more Christian didn’t win we were doomed, or if they did win  then all of the spiritual warfare worked and the Lord had mercy again!  Gotta take the country back for Christ!  As a child it was terrifying and confusing.  I always thought we were doomed for destruction.  I remember hiding in fear on election nights when the final announcements were given.  Not so good.

Now, I absolutely believe that God has a plan, and that spiritual warfare happens.  Prayers work. They do! But a few months ago Travis made a valid point to me that changed my whole opinion on voting.   He noted that this country was always founded on some separation of Church and State.  Now I don’t agree with how that has been misinterpreted over the last several years, but ultimately God made us to choosehim.  We don’t want the government dictating that!  So he made the mind-blowing suggestion that our voting should not be done based on morals at all.  My morals and beliefs are not their problem.  Their job is to care for the physical and economic safety of the country.  Voting should be done based on economics. 

Wow.  I never thought of that but it just rang true to me.  The government is spending all of this time being our conscience for us and it’s not their job. All of these moral issues, while I have very strong opinions on them, are not the point.  I’m still rolling this around in my mind.  It’s a new concept to me.  I’ll continue pondering that.

I live in Georgia and tomorrow I will get the opportunity to vote in the primaries.   I always wondered why people said they were registered as a Democrat or Republican.  I assumed they checked some box somewhere which I wouldn’t have checked  (I’m closest to libertarian and often vote for some of each).  I just read that Georgia doesn’t have people register with a party so I guess that’s why I never got asked?   Oh well.  I always wanted to have somewhere to select NEITHER! I guess my box won’t be their tomorrow, either.  Oh well.  I’ll just be sure to wear orange or some nonpartisan color…

For the first time there is a real possibility that we may have the opportunity to vote for a woman.  I don’t know who I’m voting for yet at all.  What concerns me though is how often I hear women saying that they are voting for Hillary because she is a woman.  Not because of her voting record, or her goals for the White House.  Not because they truly believe she is the best  candidate.  No.  Because she has a vagina.

Now, if women have done their research and believe she is the best bet for out country, fine. Go vote please!!  I’m not talking about those women. They’re making an educated choice. Yay! But to vote based on having the right reproductive equipment?   Are you kidding me?  Will you really do no more research than that?  Disappointing. I have no problem with a woman being president.  I’m not worried about her PMS putting the country in danger every 28 days.  Voting on the fear of her genitalia is just as ignorant, I’m sure.  I just don’t get the narrow mindedness of it all.  We can’t see past our personal soapboxes to vote on real issues.

So, tomorrow I will go vote and all of this was running through my head.   I thought I’d let it out before I’m off to bed.


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