Free Sambucol

My children love this, which is certainly a plus for their little systems.  With asthma and the cold/fly season in general every child can benefit from this awesome elderberry extract.

Taken from their website..

Sambucol® is a natural product trusted by millions of people with positive results being reported worldwide.

Developed by a world renowned virologist, Sambucol® is the unique black elderberry extract that has been used in published clinical studies. No other elderberry brand can make the same claim. By using a proprietary method of extraction, only Sambucol® can guarantee consistent, immune supporting properties in every dose.*

Take Sambucol® every day for continuous immune system support.*

 Here you can print a mail in rebate to try it for free.  Better yet, buy it at CVS  and you will get $10 in ECB’s to spend in the store!

Now go get your kiddo’s lungs healthy! 



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2 responses to “Free Sambucol

  1. Olivia

    Help. Just a little back ground. Caleb and Chloe have been diagnosed with “asthma”. However, since we bgan drinking raw milk about a year ago they have had very little trouble with this. They both started last night with gunky coughs and congestion. What do you suggest??

  2. momstinct

    I would get some SAmbucol for sure! Also, froma close friend of mine Lisa..

    “Gaia Herbs Children’s Warming Vaporous Rub is a must have on hand for the fall / winter months. It costs about $11 for a jar…we go through about a jar a year. I just love this stuff!! ”

    Look for it in health food stores or they may have it at Harry’s/ Whole Foods

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