Who Likes Sex and Cars?

I’ll have both today, thank you. I sound like a nympho and a maniac, huh? Well, I got accepted to do a trial survey on condoms. With Travis, obviously. Can’t talk about details because it is confidential, but I just had to brag about getting paid for sex. I think we just became prostitutes. Can’t wait!!

I also last week did a survey on our auto, and was one of 50 women selected for a 6 day test drive of a new 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan!! It comes tomorrow and I’m going to be in the van every minute!. Just kidding. Yes. we are testing the van and condoms… but never the twain shall meet… ahem…

Ok, so last week I never got around to telling you about Jacob. Never took the time to sit down until I got sick myself, I guess. It started over the weekend. He’s been complaining off and on for months that his bottom hurts. I’ve checked it and it seems normal. No bowel issues to speak of. We took him to the pediatrician a few months ago and they redid the Celiac blood panel to be sure that it wasn’t that. Sweet guy didn’t‘ flinch when his blood was taken. Just said “Look momma, my blood is in my hand now! It’s not in my poop any more.” Sad reality of a little 3 year old. He did just as well last week when they took is blood for some more testing. And this time she ordered a barium enema at the Children’s Hospital. I’m so not looking forward to taking him to this. How do I keep a 3 year old on liquids only for 24 hours beforehand? Ugh… And I’m so worried that he’ll be traumatized. My little man.
Tonight as I was giving him his bath I just looked at his perfect little body. It’s so painful to see him writhing in pain. It’s terrifying to see blood coming from him and not being able to figure out why. It could be something so small, but what if it’s a huge problem? I just need to know my baby is ok.
I noticed this afternoon that he also has a rash on his bottom and I’m wondering if maybe he has a yeast infection? Lucas has gotten those a few times, but from breastfeeding. I’d be so thrilled if it was such a simple answer. I’m taking Jake back to the pediatrician first thing in the morning so they can check it out.

So, not much interesting to report today. Tomorrow will be busy. I have the DR appointment at 8am. Dentist appointments for all 3 kids at 10:50 and then THE VAN!!! It should be delivered between 1 and 4. Busy day ahead, must…. go… sleep…


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One response to “Who Likes Sex and Cars?

  1. Cynthia C.

    Ha ha, maybe you could have sex in the car?

    So sorry about Jacob. Must be frustrating that they can’t figure out what the problem is. Atticus’ butt rash (acid) went away when he was potty trained.

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