Awesome Kroger Shoppin’

I HAVE 3 or 4 POSTS FROM THE PAST WEEK, waiting for me to finish my thought and spell check. Keep your eye out for them. In the meantime…

For the past 2 years I’ve been torn between organic and budget so I’ve decided for now that our budget is priority until we get to a point that we can afford organic. It was just too overwhelming.

So the last month I have used www.couponmom. for grocery shopping, when I can get stuff that is actually not too unhealthy, and I only go for things that I have a coupon for AND are on sale at the same time. It’s easy. Just get the Sunday paper and keep all of the coupon sections. I paperclip all the fliers from that week together and put a post it on the front with the date. Then they are all in a pretty IKEA magazine vertical holder on my kitchen shelf. When a sale calls for a coupon, I go find it and clip.
ANYWAY. Yesterday I went to Kroger with all of my Coupon Mom sales, AND they were in the middle of doing their markdowns on bread,milk and meat.

So, here’s what I got:

10 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread $.50 ea
2 pkg wheat buns $.50 ea
3 avocados
12 half gallons of milk $.50 each (freezes well)
1 lb butter
Toilet paper (coupon, not sale but you gotta have it)
2 pkg eatsmart cauliflower (FREE after sale + 2 coupons)
2pkg biscuits ( $.25 after cpn)
2 large jars of planers peanuts (cpn + sale)
20 ears of corn ($1 for 10)
4pkg Hebrew National franks (buy 1 get 1 free AND 2 $1 off cpns)
1 large pkg pork chops (discount)
1 pkg 4 pork steaks(discount)
1 4 lb roast(discount)
3 pks of steaks(discount)
12 pkg chicken breasts (3-4 breast each, bnls sknls $1.99 lb)
2 V8 Splash (cnp + sale)
4 cans tuna (sale)
3 large jars of apple jelly (all my kids like)
3pks gourmet sausage links (discount)
4pks Jello pudding mix (sale)
10 cans Van Camps Pork and beans ($.13 a can after sale + coupon)
3 jars peanut butter (cpn + sale)
1 ladies speed stick (FREE with sale + cpn)
5 Karma Bars (DH breakfast on the train)

TOTAL $123.76!!!

My standing freezer is now full with enough bread and milk for 3 months and enough meat for much longer, at least 6 months (we eat vegetarian often)!! Maybe by the time we run out we will be on track with our savings and able to go organic again!!

(((dancing around the room)))


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